"She will now have the opportunity to achieve her goals and dreams, as so many children never do. Big Springs has made this possible for Hailee."
Jennifer L.

"Our Bobby loved and LOVES Big Springs School. He was a student there 3rd through 5th grade. He didn't want to leave, nor did we, but we knew he had been given the tools he needed to move on and conquer public school. Bobby is now an honor roll student, GPA 4.0, and in the top ten of his class. Having Autism isn't always a disability. It has given him the ability to conquer!! Thank you SKIP for allowing Bobby to be a BIG SPRINGS KID. If it wasn't for SKIP this wouldn't have been possible."
Robert & Heidi Shield

“Our son is in 7th grade at Big Springs – and thanks to Big Springs, he is thriving and progressing. We found this amazing school five years ago. When our son arrived in 2nd grade, he needed to learn to read and write while challenged with the ability to focus and maintain attention. More importantly, he needed to learn how to love learning again. The teachers at Big Springs have done all that for our son and more. We are grateful to see his success. Every Big Springs teacher is full of compassion, unmatched experience and skills. They work with each child to identify their individual highest potential, and then help them perform their best. If your son or daughter attends Big Springs, as a parent, you can breathe easier knowing your child is in the best educational and caring environment possible.”
The Marquez Family shared during the conference and in the printed report.